School Holidays Programmes

Give them a school holiday programme to remember!

4Are you planning your next school holidays programme?  Are you stuck for ideas?  Have your kids seen it all before?
Do you appreciate the value of a service which is incredibly fun but also provides significant learning opportunities?

Give them something to talk about with this amazing 90 minute balloon twisting workshop, including a hilarious magic show!

It’s hands on fun.  Every child gets to make

  • a dog,
  • a sword,
  • and a CRAAAAAZY hat creation.

They rave about this for months, and the balloons last for ages meaning there is an ongoing memory in their home of the wonderful time they had in your care.

These workshops sell out extremely fast, so click here to get in quick and check your date.

Character Building Magic Shows

Using the fun of magic and the unique skill of ventriloquism, Andrew has a one-of-a-kind show which not only entertains kids but also inspires them to be the best friend they can be.  Want to know more?  Just click here to send an enquiry.

Why Book Andrew?

The kids will absolutely LOVE the magic, humour, and Andrew’s hilarious puppet, Ringo the Magical Monkey.  Andrew GUARANTEES they will have an amazing time, and will go home raving about their day.  Plus, the kids not only leave at the end of the day full of enthusiasm, they will learn valuable life skills as the show unfolds.  Children are part of the show and contribute to the learning, making it a powerful character building experience for the whole group.  They see a hilarious live show but even more importantly consider solid foundations in their character and the way everyone in OSHC or vacation care contributes to a friendly culture.  Not only will they have a wonderful time, you’ll know you’ve also built something important into their lives.

Essential Checklist:

  • stress free
  • no setup or pack up required by you
  • aligned to OSHC national standards
  • life skills which can be put into practice immediately
  • “put-down” free, all children are treated with respect
  • over 20 years experience in education and entertainment
  • registered teacher, public liability insurance, ABN
  • unique, visually spectacular, and full of lasting memories!

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