Feedback about the show

We’ve had some wonderful feedback from both parents and teachers at schools.  Here are just some of the testimonials we’ve received.

From Teachers:

hands up in assemblyA wonderful show! The children absolutely loved it! Wonderful principles to it. They loved the puppet, and the tricks backed up the message. (Lauren, Reception teacher)

You had them eating out of your hand. (Year 7 teacher, Calvary Lutheran College)

Thanks for coming to Sunrise Christian School Marion last Wednesday. The students absolutely loved the show and it generated a lot of good talking points. This has given purposeful opportunities to talk about the positive message. It will continue to strengthen our supportive school community. Once again, the children really enjoyed it. (David Fontaine, teacher)

The students found it really engaging and encouraging. (Sarah Mills, Year 4 teacher)

Everyone loved it, even the adults! So original and well thought through. (Marissa, Year 5 teacher)

school assembly volunteersThe kids loved it and were really engaged in the message! The lesson resources were great and the kids loved watching the videos. (Reception teacher, Prescott College)

What a great performance! Children were engaged throughout. Clever magic tricks kept the older children interested. Very clear message, easy to remember. Will use this “HELP” message in the classroom. Fantastic! Thank you! (Angela Fox, Year 2 Teacher)

I thought the performance today was really good. I thought it got the message across in a way that all the kids understood while being funny and entertaining at the same time. (Sharon, LSO)

It was absolutely entertaining. The students loved every part of it.  The message was great and easy to understand. (Grade 3 teacher)

From parents:

Kept them interested the whole way through, very uplifting and encouraging, pitched at exactly the right level for the kids. (Pauline, Mum of Reception, Year 4 and Year 7)

I strongly feel Andrew’s message is an investment for any school. Andrew is so talented and such an amazing teacher. Every school should be presenting a message like this. (Marieka, mum of Year 1, 4 and 5)

Such a powerful way to communicate truth to kids. (Deb, mum of Reception and Year 4)

Not just like talking on a TV, they are getting involved. They learned so much more from that type of interaction. It captivated them. (Vanessa, mum of Year 4)

As an adult I enjoyed it! Fantastic! For children to learn and understand the message will make it a much better environment anywhere. (Dennis, dad of Year 1, 4 and 5)

Schools inviting Impact Assemblies to build into their students’ lives these past few months include:

  • Sunrise Christian School, Marion
  • Unley Primary School
  • Emmaus Christian College
  • Calvary Lutheran Primary School
  • Sunrise Christian School, Fullarton
  • Parkside Primary School
  • Highgate Primary School
  • Sunrise Christian School, Morphett Vale
  • Kidman Park Primary School
  • Tyndale Christian School

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