Are you interested in partnering with Impact Assemblies to provide this much-needed bully-proofing programme to schools FREE of charge?  If you are a community minded business looking to get involved please let us know through the contact form on this page.  We will get back to you ASAP to let you know about the unique marketing opportunities sponsorship will give you, and the way your business can help make the community a better place while also reaching out to new customers and clients.

bully proof local schools

Local business is all about community relationships. Local customers shop and do business with people they know and trust, and this is your big competitive edge over your competition. Would you be interested in an opportunity to continue growing this relationship with your local community, particularly families in the local schools? At the same time you will be provided highly targeted advertising opportunities which go straight into the hands of your potential customers, and which stays in their hands and minds for months instead of just going in the recycling bin.

know like trustMy name is Andrew Ready and I am a primary school teacher and retired deputy-principal. I also have a secret-identity. I’m a professional magician and ventriloquist! Last year I launched Impact Assemblies, a company to help schools deal with the ever growing issue of bullying.

Schools have faced so many cuts in funding over the past years yet they are tasked with the hugely important role of equipping our kids for the future. It’s time we all showed the local schools we’ve got their back and are thankful for all they do.

To make this possible I’m asking the local businesses to get involved to help schools access this much needed programme for free, and in return you will receive a unique advertising opportunity that will not be thrown in the bin for years. By obtaining sponsorship for this programme approximately 1,500-2,000 children in the local community can receive a free bully-proofing performance PLUS their teachers will be given free resources to continue the great work they do in reducing instances of bullying in schools.

I know money is tight in small, businesses too, and that’s why this programme is also designed to help your business grow as you help the community. Each student from the schools will also receive an activity book full of games, puzzles, and MAGIC TRICKS. These books will not be put in the bin, they will remain in the house for months, possibly years. Each time they review a magic trick they will also be reminded of the bully-proofing lessons they’ve learned. Plus, the book will also contain your advertising and acknowledgement of the fact that you’ve helped keep their school bully-free! The families will see this over and over again, building trust and appreciation for you and your business.

Thank youfor helpingI’m looking for companies to partner with Impact Assemblies to provide this service to schools free of charge. Sponsors will receive advertising space in the activity booklet, acknowledgement and logo space on all correspondence with the school during the booking process, and major sponsors will also have space to feature their logo on the promotional posters around the school. You will also get a framed “thank you” certificate acknowledging your part in keeping local schools bully-free. This is all to say “thank you” for doing your bit to invest in our community.

Sponsorship packages can be customised to suit your budget from $200 up. See the attached page for some suggested packages and benefits.

If you’d like to get involved I’d love to hear from you.  Please be in touch using the form on this page.  Your infomration will be treated with confidentiality and privacy.


Andrew Ready

If you’re interested in sponsoring this programme of even if you’d just like some more information, we’d love to hear from you. ┬áPlease get in touch through the form below.