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kids-big-smileRelationship skills may be the most important thing you ever teach your students.

We know the job market is changing, and many of our students will work in careers that haven’t even been invented yet.  But emotional intelligence, empathy, teamwork, conflict resolution, the relational skills we teach – these are skills for life that will be essential now and in the future.  Many people predict these skills will become more important than formal qualifications.

Impact Assemblies is here to help you teach these skills by supplying free resources for you to use.

Why are we giving these away for free?  Once they were only available when you booked an assembly with us.  But while Impact Assemblies specialises in fun, laughter fuelled learning experiences we have a greater mission behind the spectacle.

Our mission is to help schools equip students with the essential relationship and personal management skills necessary for success in life.

These skills include understanding bullying, working together, building friendships, forgiveness, resilience and more.

Many of these skills are embedded in the Australian Curriculum, as without them students will not have what it takes to succeed in life.

We know these things matter to you as well.  After all these skills are not just for the future.  They are the key to a happy and successful school community now!

We also understand that while these things are important they also take a lot of time.  That’s where we want to help.

You will save countless hours by using our ready made newsletter articles, lesson plans, video resources, activities and more to help you teach these vital relationship skills to the kids and ALSO keep the parents in your school informed about what you’re doing.  Parents are often overlooked in these areas, but facilitating effective communication with the families of kids in your schools goes a long way to helping resolve problems that arise.

These resources are made freely available to all schools.  Part of the money we earn through paid assemblies is channeled right back here to keep equipping schools – big schools, small schools, rural schools, city schools, everyone, whether they book an assembly or not.

To access your first resource – a “bully proofing” resource kit – simply enter your details below. You will receive an email with instructions to download your kit.  You will also receive an email whenever new resources are made available.  Of course, if you ever decide you don’t want any more resources, every email includes an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom.

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