Frequently Asked Questions:

To save you time Andrew has compiled some commonly asked questions to give you clear and simple answers up front.  Of course, if there is something else you need to know you can always get in touch through the contact form on the side or by calling 0405 097 248.

ringo bananaHow much is the show?

$4 per student for schools of 150 students or more.

Are you from a small school with less than 150 students?  Then it is a flat fee of $600.  If your school is more than 1 hours drive away from Adelaide there may be travel expenses, however these can often be drastically reduced if there is more than one school in your area that would like to book the show on the same day.

How long does the show run?

Approximately 45-50 minutes, depending a bit on the audience participation that happens during the performance.

What space or sound equipment is needed for the show?

The show is fully self-contained so you don’t need to fuss with setting up a PA or other equipment.  I bring all my own gear.  I’ll get to your school about 45 minutes early and all you need to do is point me toward the performance space and I’ll do the rest.  I’ve performed in gymnasiums, libraries, school halls, basically anywhere with enough room for the kids to sit and watch.  The show itself needs an area about 7m across and 3m deep.

How do I know the show is genuinely educational?

hands upExcellent question, and the exact question I would always ask when I was booking a school performance as a deputy principal.  I’ve seen a lot of shows in my time which claim to be educational but are pretty thin on the ground when it comes to any real learning.  I am a teacher who still teaches grade 4 part time in a school in Adelaide, and I have also worked in school leadership at different stages in my 15 year career.  I have written the show carefully to align with the goals of the National Safe School framework, and Australian Curriculum links are written into all the follow up lesson plans.  It is basically a giant lesson, with all the elements of good lesson planning, but my visual aids and object lessons are mind-blowingly cool to ensure I have the kids’ full attention.  I also know that if I bring a thinly veiled excuse for an “educational show” by just entertaining the kids without any real substance you are not going to invite me back.  Instead I want the show to be so helpful that you’d love to have another show another year.

How do I book?

That is the easiest part of all.  Use the contact form on the side to send through your booking request.  I currently perform in schools on Wednesdays but I can usually come other days by swapping teaching days with my team-teaching colleage.  Please let me know 2 or 3 dates and times that would suit you best in case your preferred date is already booked.

Once you’ve sent through your information I’ll be in touch to let you know if your date is free.  I promise no hard-line selling (I hate it when people do that to me), just enough communication to keep things simple and stress-free.  You will receive a booking contract with all the information in black and white, then a separate invoice for your finance department to process.

I will also send through some artwork for your newsletter so you can let your parents know about the performance.  Seeing a proactive approach to anti-bullying programs is very reassuring for parents, and the artwork will also get the kids inspired about the message.

If there is anything else I can help you with please call on 0405 097 248 or ask your question through the contact form on the right.

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