Impact Assemblies and the Australian Curriculum

Performances by Impact Assemblies educate just as much as they entertain. Learning has never been this much fun but, importantly, it is still learning.

amazed2Andrew Ready is a currently practicing teacher and understands the importance of matching learning outcomes to the Australian Curriculum.  He is also very careful to match the assembly and activities for “Adventures of Jungle Ridge” to the National Safe Schools framework to help schools fulfil their obligations in this area.

“Adventures of Jungle Ridge” strongly addresses the Australian Curriculum general capabilities Personal and Social Capability, and Ethical Understanding.

The followup lessons also include activities which involve the general capability Critical and Creative Thinking.

The lesson plans contain links to the English and Humanities and Social Sciences learning areas.

Teachers will also be able to use the show as a springboard for many activities in The Arts, although the lesson plans are not explicitly written to focus on this area.

If you would like more detail on any of these curriculum links please get in touch through the contacts page.  You can also download a sample lesson plan here if you would like a closer look at what you get with the show.