Who is Andrew Ready?  What is Impact Assemblies?

Andrew ReadyThese are both very important questions!  I have been a teacher for 15 years, including 4 years as an assistant principal.  I have been involved in performing arts for even longer than that and while I was studying at university my part time job was entertaining children with magic and ventriloquism.


As an assistant principal my passion was helping kids to build healthy relationships. As a school leader I regularly used drama, puppets, story telling and even magic and illusions to help teach these lessons in school assemblies.  I then worked with both troubled students and student leaders to make sure these lessons translated into real behaviour and attitudes in the playground.  Children need to be confident in their relationships if they are going to have success in all areas of schooling and life beyond.  That’s why the Australian government has invested so heavily in the National Safe Schools Framework.


kids in school assembly

We all agree relationship skills are important, but often in the hectic world of school life these important lessons get short-changed or even missed entirely.  I understand the time pressures on teachers and school leaders, and that while we are often buried under piles of paperwork what we really want to do is have more time to help the kids!  That’s where Impact Assemblies comes in.


Taking everything I’ve learned from hundreds of assemblies and countless hours working with students, teachers and parents, assembly time has been supercharged to bring an entire stage production to your school.  You’ll be hearing from parents the next day – but in the best possible way.  The kids will have gone home raving about the great time they had at school that day.  It’s not all froth and bubble, though.  While the children will enjoy the fun and laughter the whole experience is carefully constructed on solid learning theory to guarantee learning outcomes.  With such a motivational springboard the teachers and students in your school will be equipped to tackle friendship issues in a positive, proactive way, ensuring everyone plays their part in making school a happy and safe place.