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Amazing live performances with guaranteed educational outcomes.

Bring your school on a wonderful adventure when you book our one-of-a-kind educational experience! You’ve seen school shows before, but your students have never seen a production like this.

The two assemblies Adventures in Jungle Ridge and Who’s The Hero are so much more than a show. They are complete educational experience that include bonus follow-up lessons and resources to reinforce student learning. The skills your students gain from our production will make a tangible difference in your community.

Watch the short video below to see exactly what we mean…

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What will my students learn?

amazed2Adventures in Jungle Ridge is a lesson in friendship skills. By developing student empathy, negative relationship issues such as bullying will also be resolved.  The children will learn that we all have a role to play in fostering a friendly and safe school culture.  The focus of the show is not so much “What to do if you get bullied”, but “How you can help when you see others being bullied, left out or upset”. Rather than taking an incident by incident approach (although this is still important), our show is based on the idea that schools need to proactively develop a playground culture that is inclusive and where bullying is not OK.

Who’s the Hero equips the bystanders in a school to realise they can make a difference in bullying situations.  Students learn they don’t need amazing super powers or fancy high tech gadgets.  They learn what gives power to someone who is bullying, and how they can have the courage to help someone who is bullying.

How does this show make learning fun?

ringo bananaThe kids will absolutely love the magical effects and the fun characters. Ringo the magical monkey is brought to life with the rare art of ventriloquism, and is the wacky guide who holds the secrets to help us discover the treasure of true friendship.  Throughout the show the children are actively engaged in solving a number of riddles to discover real, practical, actionable friendship skills and attitudes. Both assemblies are built around solid educational principles.  For example in Jungle Ridge the acronym H.E.L.P. is used to make these lessons easy to remember.

Jungle Ridge MapH – Helping others

E – Encouraging, or being careful with their words

L – Looking outwards to be aware of the needs and feelings of others

P – Protecting people’s safety and emotional wellbeing

What makes this a complete educational experience for my school? 

Andrew ReadyI have been teaching for over 16 years including 4 years in school leadership.  This has given me many opportunities to work with children to develop their relationship skills in situations where bullying occurs or where there is simply a clash of personalities.

I know it takes more than one lesson for these things to grow into a permanent culture, which is why when you book an assembly I include follow-up lessons or workshops. Using online videos of the characters from the assembly, students continue to discuss and apply the lessons in the weeks and months after the production. Review and reinforcement is made easy for teachers, and fun for the kids!  The resources you receive save hours of preparation time, and the lessons will promote a consistent cross-school approach to character education.

Adventures in Jungle Ridge and Who’s the Hero have been designed to help you fulfil the requirements of the National Safe Schools Framework, and the follow-up lessons have been mapped to learning outcomes from the Australian Curriculum.

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